Winning Marketing and Communication Solutions
Tailored to Drive Revenue to Your Practice!
Outcome-Based Referral Marketing for Your Specialty Practice

Outcome-Based Referral Marketing is a singularly
unique market driven strategy, combined with the
most advanced care coordination communication
tools that will propel you ahead of your competitors
and give the PCPs more reasons to become... Your
Referring Providers!

'We the Patients' Perceptual Patient Marketing

Perceptual Patient Marketing is the most effective
combination of in- and outbound marketing strategies
and acquisition solutions, tailored to identify patients'
perceptions, hopes and needs, that make each patient
believe that the right decision is to put the health of
their family into your capable hands.

VirtualOffice Patient Portal - Made Easy... Proven Productive!

VirtualOffice Patient Portal™ is a suite of the most
productive and affordable patient communication
efficiency tools, tailored to dramatically increase
your practice productivity and patient satisfaction.

You can choose all, or any of its advanced
components, best suitable for achieving your goals.